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Good Luck Gold
and Other Poems

Janet Wong's poems reflect her experience growing up as a multicultural Asian-American child in Los Angeles, California. Some of the verses have a bitter edge, some are joyful, some celebrate the richness of her Asian heritage, some reflect her deep sense of family ties. All the poems – ranging in subject from dim sum and the celebration of food to discrimination in many forms – demonstrate Ms. Wong's strong original voice.

This collection of poems will speak directly to the many children in this country who come from Asian – and other – cultures and are often subjected to some form of prejudice. Young readers with more traditional backgrounds will gain new insights about their peers who come from different backgrounds.

Good Luck Gold and Other Poems by Janet S. Wong
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Comments from the Author

I wrote hundreds of poems from the time I started studying with Myra Cohn Livingston until the time I decided the Good Luck Gold manuscript was ready, and so I had many poems to choose from to fill the book. Trying to decide which of the hundreds stood out above the rest, or had special meaning for me, was a difficult task. Finally I settled on 59 poems.

Choosing the title poem was equally difficult. After much thought, I chose Good Luck Gold because I felt so lucky to be a poet! Luck plays an important role in traditional Chinese culture and, as my poem says, when I was a baby one month old, my grandparents gave me good luck gold – to bring me luck my whole life long. You can listen to my poem "Good Luck Gold," set to wonderful music by Barbara Klaskin Harris and performed by the West Los Angeles Children's Choir on their CD "Celebrating Children." You can learn more about this CD and Mrs. Music at amazon.com.

Awards and Honors

Good Luck Gold has won the prestigious Claremont Stone Center Recognition of Merit Award which has been won by a host of great people, including E.B. White for Charlotte's Web.

Reviews and Comments

    "Fresh, honest, and not at all reverential, these poems are simple dramatic monologues about growing up Asian American. The lines are short and very easy to read; the voices are strongly personal. The ethnicity is strongly individualized, but whether the subject is food, family, or immigration, Wong moves beyond stereotype."
    – Booklist

    "Reading this when I was growing up would have felt like discovering a new best friend. Reading it now as an adult brought a flood of insights to familiar situations. Janet Wong has written poetry in the best sense of the word – not just Asian American adolescent poetry, but simply a fine book of poetry for readers of all ages and backgrounds.."
    – International Examiner

    "[This book] packs a punch! And what a punch it is! . . . Through a good range of subject matter, Wong's rich Asian heritage is revealed along with a profound love and appreciation of family and friends."
    – Mid-South Children's Book Review

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